Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Vintage Beistle

The Beistle Company has been around for over 112 years and their decorations, cutouts, and centerpieces have been a staple of decorating for the holidays for many years. Your parents and grandparents have grown up with these decorations and now VintageBeistle.com is bringing some of these iconic designs back into production. The vault to the archives has been opened, and some of the most popular and sought after products are now being re-introduced. Even some items that have rarely been seen in over a hundred years have been re-photographed, cataloged and ear marked to be reproduced into the Vintage Beistle line.

In the first attempt of its kind, The Beistle Company is launching the first Vintage Beistle product line solely online. The Halloween Collection is to be released first with more seasonal holidays to come. These products will be sold on VintageBeistle.com in limited quantities to gauge customer interest and find the most popular items before being massed produced and released to the general public and retail chains. So, no you will not be able to find these products at your local store just yet!

Some of the best artwork was produced in these early years and it is no wonder why so many collectors have valued some of these original products at astronomical prices. Some of the antique pieces when in great condition, can go for several hundred dollars on eBay. This is amazing since my grandmother would tell me stories about when she was a kid, she would purchase a single cutout for a dime at the local hardware store. Vintage decorations have been making a come back and are increasingly being sought after. The classic look and vintage designs are being requested by customers more often than the cheap foil decorations being made now. The Vintage Witch designs, Jack-O'-Lantern, and Classic Spooky Cat are very reminiscent of every one's childhood and they want that look and feel back. A lot of these classic Halloween collectibles were originally produced in the 1930s and 1940s.
Vintage Beistle Witch Cutout
Classic Witch Cutout - 1933

Witch and Moon Tissue Centerpiece
Witch & Moon Tissue Centerpiece - 1930's

Please check our website VintageBeistle.com as we are adding new reproductions all the time. We are also looking for suggestions on products that you would like to see re-introduced into the Vintage Beistle product line. We also want to meet collectors and see what designs and original products they value you most. Please help and celebrate the introduction of the new Vintage Beistle Halloween line!

Newest Released items as of August 28, 2012:
Halloween Silhouette String Banner
Halloween Silhouette String Banner
Classic Witch Design with Stake
Classic Witch Yard Sign with Wooden Stake

Newest Released Items as of August 29, 2012

Vintage Witch Moon & Pumpkin Cutouts
Vintage Witch, Moon & Pumpkin Cutouts

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